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More than once the young man and Mademoiselle de Fontaine walked, ai shiteru translation, in the avenues of the garden, where nature was dressed like a woman going to a ball. More than once they had those conversations, aimless and meaningless, in which the emptiest phrases are those which cover the deepest feelings. They often admired together the setting ai shiteru translation and its gorgeous coloring. They gathered daisies to pull the petals off, and sang the most impassioned duets, using the notes set down by Pergolesi or Rossini as faithful interpreters to express their secrets. The day of the dance came. Clara Longueville and her brother, whom the servants persisted in honoring with the noble DE, were the principle guests. For the first time in her life Mademoiselle de Fontaine felt pleasure in a young girls triumph. She ai shiteru translation on Clara in all sincerity the gracious petting and little attentions which women generally give each other only to excite the jealousy of men.
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